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You found me because you've outgrown your current level of success. Are you ready for something new?

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Career success doesn't mean life happiness.

Relentless challenges lead to continuous productivity lists, exhaustion, and unfulfilled relationships.

I've been there. 

I know what it means to build successful companies but be overwhelmed and lonely in the process. 

My story... I graduated college with a degree in psychology and an induction into Golden Key for top international honors. Yes, I performed well, but really, college taught me the skill of procrastination. I became a pro at packing my life to the max and working under tight deadlines. My plan was to study the effects of medication on the brain, but life had a different direction for me.

My soon-to-be husband asked, “Have you ever considered starting a business instead?” 

As a youthful 22-year-old, my answer was, “Well, I've never built a company, but how hard can it be?” 

Famous last words. 

In 2005, I became an entrepreneur. It was exciting until it wasn't. Burnout became my best friend.

Team creation was the solution, so I started hiring. We grew quickly. The market told us we were doing something well as we became nationally known. I've had success and made mistakes to achieve it.

Building a company is a journey, and it calls for new skills at each transition. There are major personal growth steps required to move from $1M to $5M to $25M and beyond. Most business problems come down to relationships, and I specialize in strategic planning for organizations and teams. 

This is sacred work to me. 

I believe an amazing life is created by surrounding yourself with constant learners who can provide deep connection, support, and experience; and in return, you can give it.

My clients have had success on their own and are looking to take their businesses and vision for their life further. 

Currently, I am on a waiting list to start working with new 1:1 clients.

Feel free to write to me for an opening or connect as I share insights and inspiration in my weekly newsletter. 

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**Confidently is of utmost importance. Names have been removed.


Lauren has gleaned proven methods through her own successful business and leadership experiences. She shares these tried and true methods with her clients. What I love about her training is that her methods are not theoretical- they have worked for her and others, and are extremely applicable to my own business. She is practical, encouraging, extremely wise, and convicting. Training with Lauren will be the best investment you can make for yourself and for your business.


You opened my eyes to what I should be focused on. My joy and success instead of the things which aren't perfect. My team is doing really well and everyone seems to be pulling together. You are amazing, sweet and inspiring. I am very grateful you've come into my life. I am motivated to take my steps now.


As a leader, your experience teaches you that your business life and personal life are one in the same; what happens in your business and at home is interconnected.  Prior to meeting Lauren, I tried to separate the two and it created resistance, anxiety and frustration while stunting my growth.  In order to grow as a leader in my business, I needed to uncover the challenges and frustrations I had in my personal life.  Lauren’s coaching has helped me propel through my mental obstacles and encouraged me to take on challenges in my business while learning to find joy in my personal life.  As a coach, Lauren is different.  She doesn’t just listen to your voiced concerns or obstacles.  Lauren helps you see your end goal and define a plan to get you there.  By learning to create the most of my lifestyle in both business and in my personal life, I am growing into the successful person I have always sought after in myself.  In 8 months I am viewing my life differently and making decisions I never thought I knew the answers to.  On a soft side, Lauren is very passionate, knowledgeable, and an incredibly inspiring person.  Thank you Lauren, your skill in coaching is creating positive changes in the lives of leaders!


If anyone is looking for guidance, I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough.


I want to take a moment to thank Lauren. Not only is she a beautiful soul, but she has amazing skill and insight on any issue or dilemma I share with her. With Lauren, I noticed I always walk away with a wealth of valuable information, that superseded the average conversation. Our talks have depth and intelligence behind them. We delve deep into the psyche and heart, and it leaves me feeling inspired about the possibilities. The result: SELF-REFLECTION and PERSONAL GROWTH!
Of course, growth touches every facet of my life from personal to professional pursuits. She has challenged me to be curious about different perspectives, which ultimately allowed me to remove self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back from achieving my goals! 
Your skill as a successful business owner and coach have been so valuable in helping me accomplish my own goals. I’m always amazed by your constant pursuit to empower others and bring success and joy to their lives.

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