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What’s held you back before will hold you back again when you try to jump levels.

The difference is the triggers are new. Without courage to confront your personal darkness, you stay at your level and the people who count on you stay at theirs.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to stay. It’s a decision.

It’s hard to work with me. I am aware. I lift mirrors… my own and yours. And I’m not the only one who does this.

You don’t wake up to fail.

You fight to succeed.

It’s hard.

I know.

It’s not my job to get you to like me.

It’s my job to get you to like you.

That’s the place of empowerment.

Maybe hell isn’t fire and brimstone. I see it more as darkness and quiet. As isolation.

I've been in a hole like this when all else was gone and I called to Him.

He handed me a lantern and showed me the first rung on the ladder. I crawled out of that hole.

I’m not scared to meet someone in their darkness because I know that’s where God will be. I am not the healer. It’s not me. It’s His light. It’s His ladder.

Confront your darkness and He’ll make you stronger.

This, I know.

Did you grow up poor?

Did you face a bully? Maybe it was a parent?

Did you not know where your next meal was coming from?

Thank God because He’s been training you to survive since youth.

You’re gonna need that fight in you.

The coming years aren’t going to be easy.

He built me for a reason.

He built you for yours.

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