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Are you suffering in silence?

Showing vulnerability can be hard, and in some cases, dangerous. CEOs and entrepreneurs are called to be emotionally stable and cool-headed in conflict, but some traps may present themselves. 

Holding another accountable

Common fears will create blocks in communication. Does this sound like you? 

I don’t want to be disliked. 

I don’t like following up. 

I don’t know what to say if it doesn’t get done. 

Accountability is related to consistency and setting expectations. Where in your life are you not being consistent and what is costing you?  

Fawning in meetings 

Over-explaining with useless words and dancing around issues because you’ve been harshly judged. Awkward silences are intimidating.

Have you said these statements?

I want more confidence. 

I want to be more direct.

I want more respect. 

Having the courage to be disliked is difficult if you don’t have a targeted view of your objectives. Are you making time to be self-reflective with someone who won’t judge your vulnerabilities? 

Not trusting because you’ve been manipulated 

Have you had this belief? 

Most people are out for themselves. 

Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. 

I don’t want to be vulnerable. 

Our screens are filled with an abundance of information. If information alone solved the problem, all we would need to do is read. Some people self-harm by seeking countless books in isolation and then get overwhelmed in focus. Are you able to trust someone to help you identify your next right step? 

When it’s your job to be strong, where do you go to be honest? 

If you are a business owner and you recognize yourself here, message me. I am interested in people who are suffering in silence.

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