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What I see when I support...

I took this photo at Sweetwater Wetlands.

When you’re facing a large decision, I can see you standing here. These decisions are never easy and will impact.

I will meet you on this bridge. The block is your emotional tie to the outcome. I won’t make the decision for you. When I find your fear, the step will become clear. The direction is within you. I’ll journey along and remind you of your resilience.

How you respond to this image may give you an insight for how you respond to large decisions. Do you go it alone? Do you get overwhelmed? Do you rush? Do you pause?

Asking for help takes vulnerability. It’s not a weakness. It’s learning about yourself.

How many people have you helped in your life? Let help return to you. It’s ok to receive. You’ll be back at giving soon.

Dreams are left on this bridge because of fear to move forward.

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