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To be a child of a narcissist, it feels like...

Walking a tightrope with a shifting end.

Abandoning inner peace to manage the latest blowup.

Performing well but not too well to trigger jealousy.

Hiding in plain sight.

Loneliness from social norms.

Terrible stomach aches digesting shame.

Self-criticism no else can hear.

Words stifled in a throat.

Scanning body language anticipating the fallout.

Constant fear of abandonment

Constant fear of judgement.

Constant fear of rejection.

Constant fear of making a mistake.

The worst part is believing you are the only one in the world with a parent like this. You aren’t.

Celebrities who have openly discussed trauma from a parent.

Tony Robbins - Mother

Elon Musk - Father

Maya Angelou - Mother’s Boyfriend

Christina Aguilera - Father

Chevy Chase - Mother

Oprah - Grandmother

Tina Turner - Mother

Beethoven - Father

Shania Twain - Father

Tyler Perry - Father

Jennifer Aniston - Mother

Adele - Abandoned by Father who returned after her success.

There are gifts created from this dynamic, too. Happiness flows when you find your tribe.

I have seen way too many hold themselves back because of false beliefs.

The shame belongs to the parent. Not you.

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