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My first entrance into work was as a greeter for a restaurant.

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I say job loosely because I was helping out after school. I can’t remember if I ever made any money. I do remember feeling like an adult. Grownup. Organizing table seatings, taking names for the wait list, wiping dirty tables and walking customers to their seats meant I was capable.

This restaurant is where I first understood the importance of holding a calm exterior while managing internal chaos. I was taught what it meant to put a customer first. The customer was enjoying a leisurely dinner. It wasn’t fair for my stress to interfere with their experience. Their experience represented the brand.

To do what’s best for the customer... what emotion do you want to give them?

For decades now, I’ve been refining the customer service experience and considering what it means to solve a problem or make someone’s day easier. A business leaves a legacy when the customer comes first. Build a culture who believes the same, and you will have success.

Service comes from a place of strength.

Service is giving with no exception of receiving. Service comes from abundance.

We leave our marks on each other and our footprints on the world. Sometimes they hurt and other times they heal. It’s easy to get distracted with our own lives and forget that every interaction with each other has the potential to lift.

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