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“Hey honey, what do you want to do for New Years?”

My husband is quite unique. He is the most responsible, reliable person I’ve ever met. If he says he is going to do something, he does it. I can count on him.

I asked him once, “Hey honey, you would benefit from a hobby… something just for you. What did you do as a kid? How did you play?”

He said he loved fireworks. The mechanics, responsibility and outcome were exciting to him. I said, “Great. Give it a shot. Sounds like a great hobby. Please don’t blow up the house.”

He started learning and playing.

A couple of months later, I asked “Hey honey, what do you want to do for New Years this year?”

Here’s how our conversation went:

Him: Let’s have a party.

Me: Ok, where? I’ll be tired after Christmas so I don’t want to have it at the house.

Him: I can do some fireworks. Let’s check out some fields.

Me: How many people should we invite?

Him: I guess everybody.

Me: What if we ask attendees to donate food?

Him: Like a fundraiser? I’ve got a better idea. What if we invite the whole community?

Me: We have three months to do this. Ok! Perfect.

Together with help from our community, we created an event for thousands of kids with ice slides, fireworks, games, charity booths and police/firefighters/helicopters.

We called it Fire and Ice. We raised a lot of money and food. It was work but also so fun. This is a photo from when I was promoting it.

You never know where chasing your given talents can take you or who you can impact. There’s a reason you liked something as a kid.

Maybe this year, when you start setting goals for yourself, include more play. See where it takes you.

How did you play when you were younger?

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