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“God, use me for your will. I am ready.”

When I was younger, I modeled. I saw the ugly in a beauty industry, and it was no longer appealing to me. I changed my path.

I graduated with a degree in psychology and my husband would laugh that I could study for a few hours and ace a test. Understanding behavior was fascinating and easy (to me).

During this time, I started my first company. Entrepreneurism was just another way to help others achieve. Build teams; serve clients. More please.

There have been 2 times in my life where I’ve prayed something…

The first time: One early morning, I was waking up. My eyes were still closed and my breathing was slow. I was in the place between unconsciousness and waking. I prayed, “God, use me for your will. I am ready.”

The next morning, I get a text from a friend asking me to lunch to talk about a program for children. She wanted help introducing it to our community.

The second time I used this prayer, I had finished a call with a client. She told me things she had never shared with another person. After our call, I prayed, “God, use me for your will. I am ready.”

A few days later, I met a woman who introduced me to her publishing company.

Fifteen years ago, I was reading a book on a plane. The flight attendant walks past as she is talking with another attendant. She speaks this sentence as I was reading the same words in my book. I elbowed my husband to see if he had heard it too. He did. The sentence was: “The world needs you.”

At 30, I dove head first into theology. I’ve never stopped learning since.

We make our biggest impact with each person we encounter each day. It’s helping one person with one message when they need to hear it.

God showed me the ugly and designed the path for a reason. What an incredible journey filled with pain, loss and fear, but it was all for a purpose. I see it now.

I feel more connected to Him than I ever have. Religion is different than faith. Each person has their own relationship with Him. I don’t typically pray for myself. I trust Him.

This picture is me little surrounded by books with the healing finger E.T. represents. Pretty much sums up the start of my path.

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