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Feelings Are Useful

I’m not good enough.

I make too many mistakes.

I am a failure.

I should be better.

The demanding negative voice is hard to fight and easy to believe.

Imagine the voice to be an injured arm. It’s part of you. If you ignore your arm, it won’t thrive. It will get worse. The pain will start yelling at you. The voice is the similar. Shunning it doesn’t work.

Fear is behind the voice and it’s communicating.

There is a relationship here. And with any relationship, if it’s not working, you can change how to respond to it.

Have gratitude for the negative voice. Bring it under your umbrella of care. It kept you safe for many years...

Don’t do this.

Don’t do that.

It’s just no longer needed.

It was a powerful teacher.

You’ve outgrown it.

For feelings to be useful, they must be acknowledged.

They carry messages of insight.

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